A copy of your passport will be requested at the time of your check in.
Please contact me before booking the flat in case you are planning to:
1) Arrive later then 8pm (late check in might be subject to a small surcharge)
2) Arrive on a public holiday (Christmas, End of the Year, 1st of May and so on, sundays are no problem). Unluckily I can't always guarantee a check in on those day, so previous communication is very important.

We will meet for the check in directly inside the flat, so that I (or somebody in my place) can explain you everything about the flat and answer your questions regarding the area and so on. At the time of the check in you will receive two pair of keys. In case we are not meeting again for the check out, please leave the keys on the kitchen table and close the door behind you.

Please don't be loud in the inn yard, on the staircase or at home. PARTY at home are NOT allowed. This is a very nice and quite family house and people around you have to wake up every morning to go to work. Please be respectful as you would be in your own home.

Smoking is not allowed.

Please always take your shoes off when entering the flat to protect the wooden floor. When going out, always remember to close every window: in Berlin weather can change very quickly and with open window it will rain directly inside the flat.

Each guest will receive a set of two towels (one big and one smaller) and one set of bedsheet. Please don't use the towels on the floor. Please respect the ENVIRONMENT when taking a shower, using water and in winter while regulating the heating.

The kitchen has a basic equipment and has an electric stove. Wifi is available on request, 5 euros for the all stay and you will have to sign an internet agreement against illegal activity during your stay.

Please always let me know before the check out if you had any problems or if anything got damaged. Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime for questions or information about the flat or the area, I'll be happy to help you anyway I can.

Apart from that, have a great time in Berlin!