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Get on your Indiana Jones shoes and discover the mysterious lost temple of Beng Mealea. Climb to the top of the Mayan pyramid of Prasat similar Cathedral and stay at this charming, peaceful world in a luxury tent.

The journey takes us to the lost temple of Beng Mealea, a mighty temple, perched like a sleeping giant lost for centuries in the Cambodian forests. Of the lost temples of Angkor, he is the most accessible, a mirror image of Angkor Wat, but entirely by the voracious appetite of nature consumes. You will feel as you explore the vast ruins like Indiana Jones. For those who prefer a geebneteren way, there is also a sturdy wooden walkway which leads directly into the heart of the temple. There is also the opportunity to visit a Angkor-era quarry from which the stone was cut for these massive monuments.

Next, we will head to the remote city of Angkor Koh Ker. We climb to the summit of Prasat Thom, a stepped pyramid with seven levels, which is more reminiscent of the architecture of the Maya, as to the Khmer. From the top you have a beautiful view of the surrounding forest. Nearby is Prasat Krahom, also known as the Red Temple. This name is due to the Banteay Srei pink stone from which it was built. There are many other temples in the area, including the five towers of Prasat Ling, each encircled by a huge Linga (symbol of fertility).

We go back to our camp and spend the night in a luxury tented camp in the forest, near the Prasat Thom.

The next day we get up early and enjoy the sunrise over the temple complex of Koh Ker. We then explore some of the remains. Then we head back to Siem Reap.

You can short temple safari tour with a trip to the village on stilts on the Tonle Sap Lake Kampong Khleang or the holy mountain Phnom Kulen combine with its sacred river of a thousand lingas.