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baXar: ecosystem hoteliering... because conventional hotel business evolves, our operations respect and involve the economical and natural ecosystem of Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco, México.

"In hotel baXar we strive to offer a miXed eXperience of the hotel facilities and the ecosystem in which we operate. We practice responsible tourism in Pie de la Cuesta which creates a real and authentic connection between people, culture and nature we find in our surroundings".


Hotel baxar has 21 rooms that each carry a name of traditional Mexican lottery game. The personalities from this game represent cultural and geographical characteristics of the region. Using local Mexican handicrafts and art, the rooms breathe a typical Mexican atmosphere but with eye for detail and design. The majority of our rooms have a small indoor sitting lounge, a king-size bed and spacious bathrooms with handmade, natural amenities. Located on the ground floors or on the first floor, every room has an independent entrance, sometimes with a small terrace overlooking the ocean. Every room is equipped with a table ventilador and many of the rooms have a (partial or full) sea view.

Beach Club

Spending the day in our great beach club is a marvellous experience. Choose between a hammock, a lounge bed with shade if you wish, a lounge chair made of artisan materials. Especially relaxing are our characteristic floating lounge beds to cradle you softly back and forth while you listen to the sound of the waves and sip your drink... The atmosphere in our lounge club is relaxed and diverse while you enjoy a drink or snack from our coastal kitchen. We have lounge music to complete the atmosphere, sometimes there is even a Dj.


The natural beauty of Pie de la Cuesta and its surroundings allows you to have experiences and engage in activities that put you right back in contact with that beauty. All the thing you can experience here are worth it really.