1. No smoking
This room is strictly no smoking. If you would like to smoke, please smoke outside of door. But please don't leave ashes and cigarets.

2. No shoes inside house
Please take off shoes at entrance just like any other Japanese house. Slippers are ready if you like.

3. beds/futons
Two futons are already set up upon guest arrival. If you are 3 guests, air bed and one more set of futon is available inside large closed. Please set it up by yourself.

4. Garbages.
Garbages will be picked up by cleaners after check out. But please separate by garbage categories. We use three categories in Yokohama.

1). Plastic/bins/cans/bottles.
2). Combustibles, such as papers and food left-outs.
3). Incombustibles such as plastics.

5. Checkout
Check out time is 11:00AM.
Normally I can allow up to one hour of overstay, but it has to be notified by 8:00AM on check-out day. Otherwise overstay will be charged 2,000yen/hour (hourly charge only). I have to do this because I need to have my cleaners to stand by and need to pay for it.

6. Respect neighbor
This is ordinary residential apartment complex. So respect my neighbor and don't make excessive noise especially after 10PM.

7. Art works
I have several art works which are borrowed from local artists. I will have to eventually return them to them. So please don't move or touch.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And most importantly enjoy your stay!