The tenant commits to treat all the furnishings and utensils in the apartment with due care. All damages caused by the tenant, the tenant’s companions or guests should be immediately notified to the landlord. The resulted damage should be reimbursed by the tenant. In case of loss of the key the tenant is obliged to compensate for the resulting costs and damages incurred.

Pets and animals are prohibited in the apartment. Use of sleeping bags is not allowed. Waste should be disposed in the prepared bin.
The tenant has to ensure that all doors and windows are closed when checking out.
The landlord is not liable for damages to the property of the tenant in case of burglary or theft.


In case any deficiencies are found in the course of check-in, they must be immediately reported to the landlord. If the residence substantially impaired due to a defect and the landlord does not help within a reasonable time, then the tenant is entitled to rent reduction or termination. The termination of the lease is further possible, if the residence is considerably impaired or endangered by force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, etc. The rent paid for the remaining term of the tenancy will be refunded to the tenant in this case. Further claims against the landlord are excluded.

Termination by the landlord

The lease can be terminated without notice by the landlord, if the tenant or the tenant’s companionship behave in a disruptive manner so that their further staying in the apartment cannot be tolerated by the neighbors. Likewise, the further inclusion of additional people is a reason for immediate termination without notice. The landlord is also entitled to claim a surcharge for overcrowding for the duration of the violation of the contract.