I give you my apartment and everything in it is in your complete disposal. And of course, rely on your respect for my property.

If you're using the furniture, dishes, appliances, etc., something broke or messed up, it is necessary to compensate the damage.

It must be remembered that the cost of electricity is included in the amount of rent. But! Electricity in Europe is very expensive and the air conditioner running without interruption, can reduce the whole rental income to zero.

Linens and towels are provided to you for the entire stay. Each house has a washing machine and you can wash your bed linen and towels themselves. If you do not want to have a wash in advance stipulate additional change of linen and towels.

Towels, bedspreads, blankets, which are located in apartment, designed for home use only. Beach towels and bedding you should bring or buy them at the store.

Maintain the cleanliness of the apartment and take out the garbage you should own. If you want to clean the house or apartment during your stay, carried out the cleaning lady, then you must specify this in advance. An extra cleaning 50 euros.

Leaving the house, you should make sure that all appliances are turned off, all the windows and the front door closed, and house keys in your hands. Do not slam the door of apartment, leaving the keys inside the apartment. This entails the need to call a locksmith.

Using the pool in the urbanization, you must remember that at night use of the pool is prohibited. Pool hours are always written at the gate of the pool. Before using it, you should take a shower outdoors, which is located near the pool. This requirement is mandatory for all, regardless of gender and age.

To save you a flat in good condition, we do not welcome pets and smoking in our cozy nest. But it gives confidence to all our guests that the apartment to be clean and with a pleasant smell in all the corners of your temporary housing.