Here are some important things I have to mention, and thank you for respecting them:

• Please do not shout on staircase in any time because are other people that live in this building
• Please do not throw things out of the window.
• Please do not throw garbage in toilet such as plastic bags, cans, bones, cloth, bottles.
• Pets - in general not allowed but feel free to contact me.
• Smoking in the apartment not allowed.
• Check in at 16:00 - flexible
• Check out 11.00 - flexible

Since the apartment is located in the city center, please respect other's people peace and do not make lot of a noise. During your stay take care of everything as if it's yours and always lock the doors behind you. Put your high value things in a safe.
Please think green! Don't leave the AC running while you're not at home, or with the open doors and windows! Save some energy for our planet :)
Since there's no cleaning fee I kindly ask you before you leave the apartment:
•Please wash the dishes
•Please take out the garbage
•Please turn off the air condition and TV
•Please make sure the place is clean.
Thank You !