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Soho Greens is a block of four semidetached apartment units fully serviced, located within the outskirts of Kampala just 12 Km from the city center and about 3 Km from the northern bypass in Lutete estate. We are also close within the neighborhoods of Naguru, Bukoto, Ntinda, Kensington Heights shopping boulevard with Kabira country club within a range of 6 Km away. The apartments have access to four convenient free traffic routes along Wandegya, Mwanda road, Kabira and also Ntinda for quick travel in and out of the city.

The apartments are fully furnished and accommodate up to 4 people, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and a living room in each apartment unit. Each apartment unit has a power backup system installed to tackle any power failures, cleaning services are provided and there is a secure and constant supply of water.

It is quite ideal for big groups, consultants and different professionals working in Kampala for short or medium stay let’s and also great for people on short stays in Kampala, doing consultancies or on holiday with family etc.

It is family friendly with spacious living rooms and includes the common facilities of Satellite TV, DVD player, standard kitchen, Wireless Internet and secure parking with top notch security. A large beautiful garden with wonderful scenery for relaxation is available.

Order in food delivery, pizza and continental dishes right at your doorstep including a restaurant and cafe just 1 Km away is available. There is ample secure parking space and suitable for people with restricted mobility and children of all ages.

We also provide car rental services for forty dollars with a driver excluding fuel for an entire day ready to transport you to your places of interest.

Kampala has a tropical wet and dry climate; however, due to the city's higher altitudes, average temperatures are noticeably cooler than what is typically seen in other cities with this type of climate. Kampala seldom gets very hot during the year; the warmest month is January

If you're on holiday or a business traveler, Soho Greens Apartments gives the space that no other furnished let will offer in Kampala for the same rates!