Please keep clean & kindly do not leave out any open food if you do not want any unwanted guests.

Please kindly unplug any unused appliances such as coffee makers, irons and toasters when you are not in the apartment to avoid possible electrical hazards.

Please separate rinsed recycle (recyclable items include: metal, glass, plastic, paper, cartons and cardboard) from garbage underneath the kitchen sink. Thanks for helping us save the environment as well as keeping us from getting fined. If it overflows, it can be discarded in the garbage bins downstairs in the lobby.

No loud noise after 11:00 pm

No partying

Respect thy neighbors

No pets

There is NO SMOKING allowed. If you need to light up, please go outside.

Upon checking out, please kindly leave all the keys on the key hook (there will be a $25 charge for each missing set of keys), turn off the lights & AC, place all towels in the hamper and close the door shut behind you.

Must have a great time!