Check-in can be done between 15.00 and 18.00. If specifically requested and authorized by CASAS DO PORTO, it may be made a late check-in. The check-out must be done until 11h00. If specifically requested and authorized by CASAS DO PORTO, a late check can be made, in the terms and conditions agreed between both parts.

The apartments are cleaned before the guest’s arrival. For stays longer than 5 nights, a maintenance cleanings will be carried out in the middle of the stay, as well as change of towels and sheets. In these cases, maintenance clean will be performed on the 3rd day and every 3 days. If requested, an extra cleaning can be done during the stay of the guests, which will be charged according to the price list. When leaving, the apartment must be delivered in reasonably clean condition. If not, CASAS DO PORTO may charge an additional fee.

Upon booking guests will give the number of clients that will stay in the apartment. In no case the maximum occupancy of the apartment can be exceeded.

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments. The use of dishes and clothes outside the apartments is not allowed. No pets are allowed unless expressly authorized by CASAS DO PORTO. Guests should note that they are in building of residential use, so they should have a proper behavior, both respecting the other guests or the remaining neighbors, both day and night. Otherwise, CASAS DO PORTO entitled to request customers to leave the apartment without the right to claim any type of compensation

Please take into consideration the basic safety rules and suits your behavior in order to prevent fires and other accidents that could endanger your health as well as the neighbors and other guests. The same applies to the equipment available inside. Guests should also take all necessary precautions to prevent theft. It is advisable to check all doors and windows are closed before leaving the apartment. For your own safety and that of all the other guests, please pay special attention to the front door of the building and ensure that this is always properly closed. We ask our clients to maintain cordial relations with all neighbors. In case there is any problem with the neighborhood, please contact with CASAS DO PORTO. Although Oporto is a quiet town, unsafe conditions are always associated with urban environments. We advise all our customers to take precautions, especially when moving on foot and at night. For those who have a car is essential not to leave items visible inside.

CASAS DO PORTO is not responsible for any damage arising from the use of the apartment or for any loss of personal belongings kept inside or outside the housing..

There is a complaints book available in the building. Complaints about the service should be reported by the clients to CASAS DO PORTO within 48 hours after its detection. If the complaint cannot be resolved on site, they should be addressed in writing to CASAS DO PORTO, given the number and dates of booking accommodation.