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Let's bring life into this beautiful house!

Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm Giorgos.

My sister & I have access to a beautiful family owned
property near Parikia (capital of Paros), a picturesque
Cycladic island in Greece. The house is a great
place to escape the noise and heat of Athens, so it
turned into our favourite summer resort. Every year
we visit it with good friends and fill it with life. While
not on the road discovering the island, we spent
most of our time on the balcony or on the beach
which is just a few meters away. It’s a lovely place,
little frequented by tourists and very peaceful. If we get lazy about cooking, nearby restaurant owners Barbara and Tasos offer special homemade dishes including fish, right on the beach of Agia Irini Bay. Mmmh delicious :)

As we have not enough time to frequent it very often this summer and we consider it too precious to be
empty, an idea came into our minds: Let’s offer other friends who do have time and want to discover Paros
the possibility to enjoy this unique house.

I'm looking for people, who love the relaxing sounds of water at the beach, but at the same time want to
be close to unique cultural sights and enjoy the charms of life in a traditional Cycladic village.

The house is divided into four studios, each can be rented seperately. Each studio has its own access to the main balcony. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a large bed and a seperated bathroom with shower in each studio. No noises from the road can be heard except the sounds of a local shepherd and his goats which pass nearby some days in the mornings. Sun shines pretty much all day long around the spacious balcony.

I'm really looking forward to hear from you and i hope you enjoy a good time at our home discovering the magic islands of Paros and Antiparos. Feel free to send me a message for more information!

Best regards,