Dear Guest

Thank you for choosing this apartment for your stay in Paphos.
Please read & follow the house rules for a pleasurable and untroubled stay.
I would be grateful if you could abide by these rules (all very important).

Thank you
Your host

*** Damage Deposit of 100 Euro in cash required on arrival. This deposit is fully refundable in cash on check-out and subject to a damage inspection of the apartment.

- Please respect the other residents in the building and avoid making loud noises or talking loudly in the common areas (entrance, stairs, and corridors). They are very sensitive in these issues.
- Please do not overload the electrical system of this apartment. This place is fully equipped with all possible appliances and devices but the central fuse has a limited capacity of 32 Amp. If it burns out you will need a technician and until he arrives (could be next day) you might be without power.
- Please take care when removing your luggage to avoid scratching or damaging the doors and the walls.
- Please remove your trash daily.
- Please do not leave the lights and/or other devices on when out of the apartment.
- Please ensure that the apartment door is locked when you are out.
- Please ensure that the balcony doors and windows are closed when you are out.
- Please do not step with your shoes on the furniture.
- Please respect Cyprus quiet time in the afternoon between 2.30 and 5.30 pm and then from 10 pm to 8 am the next day.
- Strictly Non Smoking Apartment.