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Ville Hong Kong, Kowloon
Âge 65 ans
Travail Garments Manager

A propos de L.

I'm from Hong Kong, I like to travel anywhere, I saw your website.

Evaluation sur les logements de L.

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    ASilah 4.0 22/12/2013

    i stayed at this place for 5 days & 4 nights. the location is fantastic. the tsim sha tsui mtr station entrance is only 1 minute walk (right accross the road!). easy access to all things convinient (restaurants, mall, 7elevan, kowloon mosque, shopping streets, etc).

    the room is exactly like the published pictures. i stayed at the 'master room' of the apartment. there was ample space for the my party of 5. granted, the bathroom is a tad too small (then again, the whole hong kong seems to have that kind of bathroom). my landlord were a very nice hong kong lady & philippines lady. we sure impose on them while we were there with our early morning going & late night coming.

    the only drawback of the place was that the que for the lift took forever, & for an all girls travel party, the place might seems a little shady. we met a fellow traveler from our country who warned us about the place. apparently, there were raped cases in the area...shudder~

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Evaluation pour L. en tant qu'hôte

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    ASilah 5.0 22/12/2013

    our hosts were terrific!! a hong kong lady & a philippines lady who accommodate us to the fullest! they gave us tips, directions, & even life advices when we were there!! we surely impose on them.. as we were a travel party of 5, shower time can be a bit of a hassle & our host let us use the next room's toilet to assist us.

    thanks guys for the enjoying time spent there & thanks for the umbrellas too~ ^^

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