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A propos de Bettina

Salut, je n'ai pas encore complété mon profil.

Evaluation Bettina en tant que locataire

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    TOYIN 2.0 28/10/2014

    From the start of this booking, I noticed that this guest's partner kept walking round my flat in his underpants. I therefore, informed them that it was against my house rules as guests were expected to be adequately clad whilst outside their bedrooms. I also explained that other guests could be more conservative than them and therefore, be made to feel uncomfortable. Bettina's partner however, would not comply to my house rule but still chose to walk about in briefs and a vest, which I found unacceptable. Following consultation with the staff of 9Flats therefore, I asked them both to leave my home. Bettina then apologised and assured me that they would both comply with my house rules, so the booking continued without any further problem. It was a shame though that it took a threat of termination of their booking to obtain adherence from them. That aside, we got on well.

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