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Ciudad Athens

Info de Takis

Growing up and living in Athens city center , so close to Acropolis, gives you the feeling of being on continuous holiday. Getting in touch with guests, interacting with people from all around the world, sharing stories were some of my first reasons i started hosting her. I love to meet new people and show them around my city. Have traveled myself to other places and have kept relationships solid for many years. Athens is my home city, a lovely place mixed with ancient ruins, classic architecture and modern buildings. As a host I am available to help you out explore the City of Athens and its surrounding areas. I know a lot of places that I can tell you how to get there and secret spots that only the locals know. Also I am a lover of great food and Athens is a great place to experience both the famous local recipes and various other international cuisines. I love to be discreet and will only show up if my guests feel like being social. If not I will let you enjoy your stay and will try my best to stay out of view. I really hope you'll have a beautiful time here!

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Acropolis Boutique Suite
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