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Ciudad Napoli
Edad 66 años
Ocupación pensionata

Info de Marisa

Hi there! I am an outgoing person with a lively household that loves art , music and home cooked food. My first daughter took her degree in Japanese and now she lives and works in Paris, my second daughter is a skillful confectioner and cake designer living and working in London UK, she sings and plays Celtic harp; my husband is a police inspector, very fond of Neapolitan history and sites and of photography. I believe in a friendly and happy environment for my guests in a beautiful and culturally diverse city such as Napoli is. We know an awful lot about Napoli as we have lived here for long. If you want unusual things to see - then I shall probably be able to point you in the right direction. I like travelling and am pleased to offer my home for others to enjoy Napoli, one of the most special cities in Europe.