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Welcome to Lake Conroe (Willis,Texas)! As Vice-President of Resort Attractions, Inc., I truely enjoy meeting and interacting with our guests and get a great deal of satisfaction from helping them make the most of their visit to Lake Conroe. Having led an active lifestyle in the Houston area for 40 years and Lake Conroe for almost 10 years, I've become an "unoffical" expert on southeast Texas and the local area. I can provide you valuable "local insight" regarding day trips to Galveston, NASA Space Center, Houston and the Woodlands, as well as the nearby Sam Houston National Forest and the towns of Willis, Conroe and Montgomery. It will be my pleasure to assist you in any way that I can. Just ask! We chose the Seven Coves area of Lake Conroe for two primary reasons. First, we just couldn't get very excited about being on the south side of the lake (the "popular" side). Down there, the lake is too far from the freeway, there's way too much traffic and very few locations have the expansive view that we enjoy so much. More importantly, our property is unique on the lake in that it has a private balcony that actually hangs over the water. We instantly fell in love with this feature! Every one else has a strip of grass or a sidewalk between the unit and water. Not so at our place, if you drop something off the balcony,...it WILL make a splash! When prospective customers ask me to confirm that the unit is actually on the lake, I enjoy reassuring them by saying, "It couldn't be any more on the lake, unless it was IN the lake". Invariably, when they arrive, they say something like, "Wow, you weren't kidding. We are definitely ON the lake!". It generally makes for some interesting conversation. Furthermore, the location is close to perfect in many ways. Having a marina and boat ramp right next door on one side, and a resort next door on the other side makes enjoying the lake extremely convenient. We pay an annual fee to both entities so that our guests can take full advantage of their amenities and everything is within resonable walking distance (you can drive but you don't have to). No matter what you do, the lake is always in the background...from the tennis and basketball courts, to both swimming pools and hot-tubs and the exercise room...the view of the lake is always there! Personally, I find it extremely relaxing. And, I know the majority of our guests do as well. In addition to our waterfront condo rental, Resort Attractions also operates a very popular Boat and Jetski rental business from the marina and the docks at the resort. I live on-site and I am one of the few people that can actually swim to work....I usually walk and my morning commute takes less than three minutes (if I swim it can take up to five). The point is, if you have an issue or you need something, I (or one of my employees) am always very close, 24/7. In fact, the odds are extremely good that I will take your initial call, make your reservation (I NEVER overbook), meet you at the unit when you arrive, call you approximately one hour after your arrival just to confirm that everything is in order, answer your call if you need anything during your stay and wave good-bye to you as you leave pleased with your stay! We take great pride in our high percentage of be-backs (guests that have stayed with us before and have decided to return, sometimes 3 or 4 times a year). We also specialize in special occasions; birthdays, family get togethers, anniversaries and marrige proposals. And, since I have a fleet of boats at my disposal, arranging a special romantic sunset or moonlight cruise is a very straight forward process. Would you care to add wine, flowers or even your own private fireworks show. I'd love to make it happen and I really look forward to meeting you! Thank you, Jim Perryman

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