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Ciudad Topanga

Info de Azita

I am a Chinese medicine practitioner, an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and an educator of contemplative disciplines. After finishing graduate school, I traveled to Hawaii, where I lived for a few months experiencing a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature—a departure from the academic life I had been living. From my experiences, I came to the realization that regeneration and renewal of the human psyche and nature go hand in hand. This contributed to a turning point in my path. On my return to Los Angeles, I decided to live in Topanga Canyon where I can establish a contemplative retreat sanctuary. Several years ago, my husband and I were in the market for a new home and the wilderness of the terrain was what first attracted us to this part of the canyon, we fell hard as we saw this architectural treasure we now call home.. We did not even discuss whether we should buy 'this' house - it was so obvious. We just knew as soon as we walked in. The place spoke to us so much. The house was custom built by an upscale Topanga builder for himself and his family in 1994. He built it with so much love and reverence to detail. (He designed the tiles and the wrought iron pieces and had them hand made overseas) His aim was to create the feeling of an Italian villa, which he captured the spirit of it quite well :) It was then home to a well known music composer and his family, and that is how we inherited certain design ideas.. We have developed a connection to the spirit of it's land, over the years it has kept us grounded and is what made us stay in Los Angeles :) I wanted to share the magic and beauty of this land with other like minded souls who seek to escape the modern world and connect to themselves by being in nature. In 2002, I created a healing sanctuary in our 1200 sq ft freestanding studio. I work with different healers and teachers offering wellness workshops addressing body, mind and beyond. We use modalities of meditation, yoga, dance, and sound healing. We have now expanded this healing sanctuary to a residential retreat offering three residences, the main 3 story 4 bdrm villa, the 2 bdrm guest house and the recently purchased adjacent 3 bedroom property with pool. In the hopes that it will be a place of refuge for people to restore their essence and rejuvenate in it's peaceful natural setting..

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