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Our cozy house, restored by ourselves from 2008 to 2011, is nestled next to a natural cave that was once the home of the former owners.
Next to the house there is a waterfall of over 25 meters high from the beginning the path of streams and mills Algarinejo City Council. In a privileged environment, you will see countless waterfalls and waterfalls where you can dive between the sparkling waters of several streams that flow into the reach of Iznajar reservoir, the largest in Andalusia.
The house is ideal for families with children or for those who are not as friendly as it is equipped with foosball, a wooden house for the little ones, hammocks, swings, ping-pong, pool table, table hockey electric, table games, poker, chess, cards, DVD, satellite TV, internet TV.
On the outside the small pool carved on the rocks overlooking the plain of the river.
A place you should not miss for anything.