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    Daniel 1.0 15.04.2016

    I've been lodging travellers for over 12 years and since 2 in München, and i was very disappointed with the experience.
    They complained about everything; she is alergic and said there was dust, so i cleaned again, they complained because there were clothes in the cupboard (sure, i live there), they wanted another pillow (they had 3, one big 40x40 and 2 smaller) so i brought another one, they wanted another chair in the room so they got one and even a child's shoe seemed to smell bad. I guess complaining made them feel important. They took -without asking -one sheet to drop it in the bath's floor and two big sheets to put them in the bed (no idea what for).
    Funny is what they left: 2 bags of trash, 3 bottles of wine, glass pieces on the floor and a huge stain of redwine in bed and table. After being so picky i really expected something else :)
    I can't recommend this guests, if they have to leave their village they should better stay in standart hotels and not in peoples homes.

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