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Stadt Klang
Alter 44 Jahre
Beruf Self Employed

Über William

"For me, travel, leisure or business, is more than visiting a place and snapping photos.... It is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet with the people of different experience and culture and to have an understanding of their experience. This is one good way of expanding my own horizon. One of the most important thing in any form of travelling for me is to experience and have a feel of the local culture. It's much more than just snapping photos to show proof that you have been there..." William started his career in the IT industry. But through his job, he has traveled extensively across Asia. Because of this business travels, William understands the need for travelers, both leisure and business, to feel totally comfortable at home in a foreign city. Today, William is self-employed and continues to traveling and at the same time play host to visitors from different parts of the world.