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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Köln
Alter 36 Jahre
Beruf Lehramt Student

Über Wanja

Young at heart, easy-going and open-minded probably describes me best. I have traveled a lot already myself and during my travels I recieved a lot of hospitality, so now I'd like to give hospitality to others in return. I'm living together with 2 beloved friends in this beautiful flat. We are a lively bunch of mixed people and life-styles living together and alongside each other. Still we are a bit more than just a purpose community. Thrown together by life, we study, live, cook, party and chill together or at times just mind our own business. We highly respect each other's space and freedom - leading different life-styles - from working hours to free-time activities. The variety keeps this place alive. There is always something going on, a story to share or an opinion needed. We all speak german and fluently english. We're looking forward to hosting you!

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