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Über Viviane

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Bewertungen für den Gast Viviane

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    Barbara und Thomas 3.0 22.08.2016

    Vivian leaves the flat quite clean and was a calm guest, aswell as here dog. Nevertheless Viavina was not a loveble guest. We offer everything as described in the ad. But Vivian ask for hotel services such as refer (making) beds and reception service such as arrial at any time. As we tell her that we can not provide such service by ourselfs ( we are both working hole day long) she gets impudently. We offer here to call for somebody chargeable to fullfil here wishes, she gets in rage even more. We think that it is better for here to book a hotel that accepts dogs, than a selfcatering apartment.
    May be it is more expensive, but we hope a full service will help here to find a better good holiday mood.

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