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Über Viveshen

Hi there, My name is Viveshen but you can call me Viv, I'm a 26 year old Software Engineer at a financial institution in South Africa. I have had a passion for football from a very young age. This is going to be the biggest event that South Africa has ever seen, and it would be my pleasure to be your Host at this years World Cup. I have travelled to many parts of the world and understand what is required when you travel to a new country. I love meeting new people of various cultures. Whether you fancy the Nightlife or the rich culture and wildlife that South Africa has to offer, I will advise and make arrangements for you. Stick with me, and i'll ensure that you will have an amazing stay in South Africa. You can invite me as a friend on facebook if you want to know more about me. Get ready to have a blast;) Thanks Viv

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