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Über Veronique

Stay in a real home! I ve been hosting through hospitalityclub, than AirBnB for years, now added Flat9. I'm a lawyer turned project/change manager turned yoga teacher/traveller/trainer/speaker The more I travel the more I appreciate little Belgium, our modest smurf gentil smurf mentality, all the diversity & affordable events Brussels has on offer. Artsy St Gillis Parvis neighbourhood is just the best! It's the most - convenient: great public transport; close to EU, center - authentic: daily market, Asturian restaurant, Italian coffeeshop, Portuguese pastryshop, ... to live. Hardly any expats, so great for practicing French, Spanish or Dutch. I am belgian, curious & hospitable. Love to eat, travel, chat (on my couch or in a bar, no cyber), hike, tango, yoga, discover interesting people and places. Oh, and a bouncy wooden tiger in Chinese zodiac. And a vata-pitta in Ayurveda.

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