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Stadt Punta Cana
Alter 37 Jahre
Beruf www.puntacanapenthouse.com

Über Vasiliy

Unique, private luxury vacation What we do in the DR is completely different from everything else. We don't sell people what they don't need. If you need some general things, some mediocre service, you will find it without our help. It's everywhere in the DR. I am easy going, friendly person, Management lover, focused on healthy lifestyle, services and hospitality. That's exactly why you'll have unique, private, luxury vacation. I love to travel. I like good music. And I love good people. That's why I know exactly what it takes to make the friendly environment. I know how to bring best ever conditions. So that you will have a piece of mind. You know that everything will be as you want. We did this before. And we know exactly how to provide the best service possible. And good communication. That's why you will have unique, private, luxury vacation. We have our best skills and our premises. So you'll feel comfortable and receive the best. We provide Unique, Private, luxury experience. The best emotions for You and perfect memories.