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Stadt miami
Alter -1 Jahre
Beruf CC Manager & Customer S.

Über Tuval

HI, I am Tuval R but you can call me SAMUEL R. Proudly am COLOMBIAN, I love cooking and I'm sure the best smiles are shown for food ..... I am friendly, reponsable, sometimes way too retailer discreet, friendly and with good sense of humor , honest, hardworking, happily married, blessed by God, hard work + blessing of God, ready to go to study ... happy to meet people every day, and share unforgettable experiences. Welcome to my house which is also yours. I was born in Colombia, but AMERICAN love. I like the SAMBA, dance ballet schools from 4 years. Spanish and English quite understand, ask me so I do not see and I'll jajajajja thousand answers. Among other things I like couture fashions at leisure .. Read, walk hobbies times since I have thousands of things to do every day ....