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Stadt Buenos Aires

Über Tomás

I love to travel and get in touch with different cultures and languages. I´ve been to the USA, Costa Rica, Europe, Africa and Southamerica....and it is never enough. I do not feel totally identified with any culture in particular, so I like to think of myself as a multicultural person. I grew up in Buenos Aires, went to a french school, lived in Barcelona for a couple of years and now I am back in BA. It is hard to pick up favorite places in the world when there are so many and each one is so special. But let´s say that my favorite city is Barcelona (SFO would be the second), and my favorite nature destination is the North of Argentina (Provinces of Salta and Jujuy). I love to dance and I love to watch people dancing. Music energizes me. I love to cook but I love even more to eat afterwards surrounded by family or friends. My favorite dish these days is fresh Gazpacho on a hot night of summer.

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