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Alter 44 Jahre

Über Theodor

I'm currently in graduate school for chiropractic medicine at University of Paris. I've been involved in various aspects of healthcare for several years, but finally decided to pursue an advanced degree to share the gift of healing that I've experienced. Helping people is something I'm very passionate about. I also love to play tennis, ski, go out to eat or cook, sit by a fire, camp, enjoy good music (play a little guitar), watch tv/movies, and more. More importantly, I love to hang out with good friends... And always looking to meet new ones. I love spiritual adventure books like Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Celestine Prophecy and The Four Agreements. I would like to travel more, but job has been keeping me busy, so I'm working hard now to create opportunities so that I can visit new places and maybe practice medicine for humanitarian organizations someday. I teach TaiChi and Qigong, so if you stay here, ask for a complimentary session :)

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