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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Seoul
Alter 41 Jahre
Beruf social innovator

Über Taegyun

Hi~ I am Taegyun from South Korea. I love to travel and take a photo. I have climbed most mountains in Korea, traveled South Asia and did volunteer work in Madagascar. Also I lived in alternative community for 7 years in Korea. I am used to share the space, garden, skill, etc. with the others. I am flexible and open-minded among the people. I am interested in learning new things by experience. So I like to get challenge and adventure. I cruise in a yacht, ride a light aircraft, draw caricature, cook international food, farm, etc. I am interested in education and sharing economy. I am focus on that topics how I can contribute for this world. My favorite saying is ‘Enjoy our life and share my happiness with the others’

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