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Sylvia, Vivienne


Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt La Passe, La Digue

Über Sylvia, Vivienne

Born and raise on little La Digue Island. I choose the Tourism Field as my curriculum at school, as here it's the main revenue for the country. Also of my personal qualities, friendly, welcoming and above all a people person. My experiences and related working field had made me acquire enough knowledge in understanding guest's most important needs, so I'm ready to invite friends, guest' at my new house and be their host, handle their needs for that perfect holiday. I am 100% Diguoise, I will communicate with you through the booking process and we will meet at arrival. So you do not have to worry about anything, I will assist you with all the possibilities of activities for a memorable stay here in our little corner of PARADISE. WE AWAIT TO WELCOME YOU HOME.

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