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Über Suzan

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Bewertungen für den Gast Suzan

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    Sidney 1.0 06.10.2013

    Suzan arrived at 2am. It was really late, but as always I graciously went to meet here and her friends. They had obviously had a long day and were all very tired and agitated. When they got to the flat they started asking why they had to share with other people. I explained that they had booked a room in a shared flat, which they had. Because they had not read the announcement they believed they they would have a two bedroom private flat. I showed Suzan the details and she finally understood her mistake. One of the women was very rude and started shouting at 2:30am. We did offer them an additional room for that night, but they said that they wanted it for free. We are generous people who are always ready to show good will. However, we are also fair. Suzan and her friends seemed to be of the attitude that the world owed them something. It was 2:30am and we had made no mistakes, so we asked them to pay. They did not. It was their choice to leave the next day. We wish them happiness.

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