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Stadt Cape Town
Beruf I’m a writer mostly of children stories

Über Susanita

We stay less than 20min from the City and know all the best eateries, shops etc. We have travelled extensively, love people, books, walking, camping, fishing, gardening and life. My husband runs our computer and software business from home. I am a writer; mostly of children stories, and love gardening when I have the time. I complete the Camino France in 2008, and wrote about the way I experience the Camino in my book Pilgrims and Fairies www.amazon.com B00CG3T6ZO: The book is just a suggestion for if you want to know more about me I don't really know what to tell you about myself, accept that I am thankful for all my yesterdays, I welcome all my today’s and hope to always looking forward to tomorrow.