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Über sonia

Hi everyone! I'm Sonia and I am a bit of a traveler myself :) I have lived in 7 countries and have visited over 10 more, which has made me into a very internationally minded person with great interests in other people and their cultures. My dream is to visit every corner of this little planet called Earth, and who knows! maybe one day if I am lucky enough I may even visit Mars :) Professionally, I'm an electrical engineer but in my spare time I like to keep myself busy with interior design by putting to practice the 3R, as I would like to call it, Reuse - Recycle - Reinvent. I'm an outgoing person, who loves to go out for drinks and dancing with friends. But nothing brings me more joy then taking long walks through the center of the city with my camera on hand. I love to take colorful photos of graffiti, hidden places, objects that are oblivious to the eye and humans movements, reactions and expressions. When I'm not working I love to take long walks through the center of the city with friends, and take colorful photos. I also love yoga and play tennis.

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