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Über Sky

Hi. I offer fully-furnished, private apartments, located in the very heart London.

Bewertungen für Sky's Unterkünfte

  • Ralf 31.10.2016

  • Valérie 2.0 11.09.2016

    Très décevant car le propriétaire squattai sont salon pendant notre séjour. Salon qui était également la cuisine, ce qui nous a réduit à 1 chambres pour 3 adultes avec 1 lit 2 places et un lit gonflable! La salle de bain partagée avec un 4ème loueur qui occupait la 2ème chambre. TRÈS cher pour l'espace utilisé.

  • Kristina 2.0 22.05.2016

    Ungenügende Sauberkeit im ganzen Apartment (dreckige Bäder und Toiletten, dreckige Fenster, dreckiges Geschirr, schmieriger Kühlschrank etc.) Dies passt nicht zum Preisniveau des Apartments! Leider mussten wir uns selbst um etwas Sauberkeit bemühen, da dies Skyrise nicht übernommen hat, trotz mehrer Absprachen. Wir hatten leider dadurch in unserem Urlaub viel negative Zeit damit verbringen müssen, mit Skyrise zu diskutieren und Sauberkeit ins Apartment zu bekommen.

  • bruno 3.0 27.10.2015

    rather limited in space and probably easiest for 1, max 2 persons for short stay. careful, 5th floor with steep staircase. great location!
    all there that's needed. small kitchen, very nice bathroom event though next door, literally almost in the room. air mattress avail if needed.
    make sure to arrange enough time for key handover, might run into delays.

  • Johan 5.0 10.08.2015

    Really a great experience in London ! Thanks to renter !

    Only parking during daytime was difficult to manage ... but we find the solution ... Thanks to Tesco !

  • Louay Stanley 4.0 19.07.2015

  • Amaranta 2.0 01.07.2015

    My mother (62 ) spent june in this place. I originally booked a 'luxurious app. next to Oxford St' and the place changed without a proper communication (just an email with the new address, no warning it was a new place). It was a very bad experience for her since:
    - Flat was very dirty. She had to clean it the first night since she could not sleep there. The best thing is that we had to pay the cleaning fee, which is incredible!
    - There were opened, old chips and other old food in storage rack in the kitchen
    - Pots & 'cooking material' were very dirty and rusty, not usable
    - Blind did not work
    - TV did not work
    - Flat is tiny. WC outside, had to be closed after 12 pm
    - It is on the 10th floor without elevator with 100 stairs (the host knew my mum is over 60)
    - It was very noisy, face of the neighbour building are being renewed.
    - Smelly coming from closet
    - Old shoes from other guest (?) next to bed linen
    - Only one light in flat
    - Very dirty entrance
    We only feel tricked.

  • Juliette 1.0 07.06.2015

    We had the worst experience there. The luxurious studio is in fact a tiny bedroom with only a single bed for one person and a bathroom outside the room ! First time I feel ripped off like this !

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Bewertungen für den Gastgeber Sky

  • Ralf 3.0 31.10.2016

    Sky hat eine Buchung für ★ Deluxe Apartment in Central London ★ nur 3 Tage vor der Ankunft storniert.

  • Valérie 1.0 11.09.2016

    Notre hôte dormai toujours sur sont canapé, regardai la TV ou téléphonait. Pas vraiment accueillant, on a eue la sensation de l'emmerdé. A notre départ il fesait semblant de dormir sur sont canapé pour éviter de nous saluer. Nul.

  • Kristina 1.0 22.05.2016

    Wir bewerten Skyrise als nicht kompetenten Host! Wir hatten eine genaue Zeit der Schlüsselübergabe ausgemacht, versuchten mit allen Möglichkeiten mit ihm in Kontakt zu treten, jedoch hat uns Skyrise 2 Stunden vor dem Apartment sitzen lassen, ohne Reaktion, wobei im nachhinein raus kam, dass dieser zu diesem Zeitpunkt im Apartment war! Nach der Übergabe und der Besichtigung, nahmen wir nochmals Kontakt zu Skyrise auf und baten um Sauberkeit des extrem dreckigen Apartments. Er kam nicht zur vereinbarten Terminabsprache, sondern war zuvor im Apartment, um die Dreckigkeit zu beheben. Jedoch war dies nicht der Fall, er hat etwas die Toiletten gereinigt und Staub gewischt, die eigentlichen Mängel, wie dreckige Betten und Bäder wurden nicht behoben, wobei wir dies dann selbst machen mussten, um uns einigermaßen wohl zu fühlen. Skyrise versuchte nicht unsere Anliegen zu verstehen, wobei wir am letzten Tag auch nicht auf Verständnis trafen. Keine richtigen Absprachen und keine Termineinhaltung.

  • bruno 3.0 27.10.2015

    a bit of delay in handing over keys; nevertheless very friendly and concerned about everything being clean; explained the place and functionalities.

  • Johan 5.0 10.08.2015

    The appart is perfect even we were 7 inside ...
    The transportation are @ 100m ... if you have a car ... park it @ Tesco and then you are @ 200m of the Transportation ... Near of one of the biggest shopping I ever seen ... Standford ...
    Thanks to Renter.

  • Louay Stanley 5.0 19.07.2015

    Your are the best host Sky, thank you for everything

  • Amaranta 1.0 01.07.2015

    In the first meeting the host came too late to meet my mum who travelled from abroad. The host seemed to be cooperative, but it turned to be a person who gives excuses for everything and does not take the responsibility for the problems we were facing. I had to contact 9flats support so that sth. happened. He reacted to messages, but this did not help to solve the situation in a proper way. We had to pay the cleaning fee for a really dirty flat (I can send you pictures of it) with old food and not working blind, TV etc.. I had booked in february a 'luxurious flat next to Oxford Str.' for her, but the place changed and I got the new direction in an email (no warnig it was another flat with a very bad quality, the opposite of luxurious). I am very dissapointed with this person and cannot recommend him and his flat at all. We only feel tricked.I had to ask 9flats for help. Nobody should stay there for that value/money. It is the worst experience with a flat for rent I've ever made.

  • Juliette 5.0 07.06.2015

    The host was two hours' late and tried to charge us extra money ! He came back at night with an inflated mattress for my husband !

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