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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Kuala Lumpur
Beruf Business Consultant

Über Shamza

I grew up in Hong Kong, met my husband there and eloped to New York. We married there and lived there for 6 years. Did the whole New York thing in the new Millenium - dot com strategies, investment banking, small tech outfits etc. After graduating from Columbia University and after living in Singapore, London, New York - we moved to Kuala Lumpur. My husband and I are foodies; we maintain a list of shacks and five star places we've eaten at: Cafe Versailles in Miami; Thai, Japanese, Fusion, Peter Luger Steaks in Brooklyn, classic pastrami sandwiches at Kat'z Deli in New York, Ethiopian and Argentinean Meats and Grilled Corn with Mayo at Cafe Habana, Coffee at Gitane all in New York City! Dim Sum in Hong Kong, Portugese, Cuban, Italian and Malay food in Kuala Lumpur - our food journey is endless and ongoing... Workwise, I've been an academic and development consultant to the US government more recently. At the moment, I'm working on writing my own collection of short-stories. I love people - its my default setting! Many friends see how this has been a character flaw, and in some cases it is, but that's the package! I love socializing; I accept and respect people with all kinds of disposition - my friends are all types of people!

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