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They say: eating tuna gives good brains …. I would like to find out – though everybody is very welcome to participate. We need some help, from you, but just some brain-storming As you could figure out somewhere else on this FB, PeopleNetwork wants to bring lower-budget tourists to Maldives. Sun, water, sea, beach … it’s freely available, but not every potential tourist can afford – or wants to do so – the expenses of staying in a resort. These are beautiful places, with excellent services, kind of heaven on earth … though only accessible for the better off “angles” for such heaven … We think that more people like to come as tourists to Maldives, that there are different people who are interested in, that there are quite a number of lower-budget tourists who could make it for the Maldivian paradise That leads to the inhabited islands, where tourism like that could also contribute to local economic and thus social development So, we will try to convince tourists to join us in Maldives. To come to Malé by regular flights, booked by themselves, on our tips and advice. From arrival we’ll take care of them. One night staying (any choice), and then transport to Noonu Velidhoo. It would be a new concept for the Maldives and already in use since many years in most of European countries. It is an inexpensive alternative for staying in resorts or (star)hotels. Simply because those options are too expensive for this kind of tourists. Next and major point: what are these tourists going to DO in Velidhoo? Tourist facilities or holiday activities are not too much available … though we must assure the tourists that we have enough time pass activities for our tourists, to avoid they would get ‘bored’ because of not that much happening. Let’s be realistic. So, our tourists stay in a decent room with attached bathroom. For their breakfast and other meals (if included in their package) the tourists come to resto bistro People House (open sun deck also available) Next to that, we have to offer them “things to do” in the time they have available, next to “eating, sleeping, shitting” – another saying in Noonu Velidhoo The sun, sea, water, beaches are there, and we will have a boat and guys who can manage these things. So, we have been thinking to offer the tourists in Velidhoo ‘activities’ like : free non-paying activities •beach and sun bathing – clean beach, refreshers available •swimming – instructor can be hired •we provide a map of Velidhoo with ‘to do’ and ‘to see’, like all shops and other cafeteria, fisher men, …. seasonal festivities, local culture, … •"meet the locals” – we organise a meeting with a family at home, local youth, mosque, school, … paying activities like: (We’ll have a boat and qualified locals to manage that, also trainees) - Snorkeling – day and night time - Big game fishing - Night fishing - Sun set and dolphin cruise - Sun rise … - Local Music (boduberu) - BBQ (after night fishing or big game fishing) - Daily trips to uninhabited islands - And more on request .. But we still feel we should look for more, different, alternative ideas. So, we need your help, your brain storming Consider this list above, and give us more ideas about what we could offer to tourists on the islands of Maldives. “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” - Albert Einstein, not me Any contribution is welcome. All ideas will be considered. Ideas can lead to different thoughts. Feel free, let us know. drop us a mail: ibraahim@gmail.com Thanks anyhow, we’ll keep you updated!

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