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Über Aga and Pawel

Cześć! Moi! Hola! God dag! Hi! Ciao! Zdravo! We are Polish couple with a flair for travelling far, eating well and laughing loud. We enjoy ourselves, good movies, books, architecture, music and lovely people around us. What really drives our interests is: foreign languages and cultures. Having long history of travelling around the world and staying in various places like private homes, hotels, hostels, campings and many more, has taught us what is really important for a traveller, as for accommodation. Now we have this opportunity to offer our space in Gdańsk to you: whether being single traveller, family on vacation or couple on honeymoon - you will have all is needed for a comfy stay. If you have any questions as for Gdańsk -we are more than happy to answer them. You are very welcome to our hometown!

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