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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt chania
Alter 40 Jahre
Beruf Journalist

Über Nikos

My name is Nikos and I live in Crete. This beautiful island at the south of Greece full of history and hospitable people. I adore this island. Everywhere the smell of Sea, Mountain Herbs, Olive and Orange trees is blended with the unique people of this island. People who have a story to share. Myself, I enjoy travelling with my motorbike around Crete and to other places of this marvellous planet. Motorbike travelling can not be compared with any other way of travelling. Every mile is an experience. Every smell, climate difference, gust of air is travelling around you, with you. You can smell the salt of the sea, you can feel the rays of the sun, you can be relaxed or fight your own "demons" while on a motorbike.

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