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Über Natalia

Hi! I'm Natalia Wilson, a born and raised New Yorker from Brooklyn, NY. After studying and working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA I moved back here 7 years ago to further my dance studies. I'm free spirited and enjoy a cold beer perhaps after a movie with my friends. I love to hike difficult trails and I love buying clothes to hike in. (I might like buying the clothes more than hiking sometimes) I'm a huge fan of Inwood Park as it's not like Central Park at all. There are fewer people and it's a good place to be alone and think. You can go to the farmers market which is across the street every Saturday morning, then maybe go on a morning hike, then play tennis or maybe basketball or soccer, then lay out and get a tan. Later you can watch the sunset over the Hudson River or perhaps go on a sunset hike. It really is a great experience....like being in another world!

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