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Über monique

I'm an artist/fashion designer. I am approachable, friendly and outgoing. I live in the building, this is my home. you might meet my artist friends i have employed locally and internationally to come and bless my home with their art works. Staying at my place is about living with live art and music. through out my house is filled with art and sometimes a musician practicing and i am always updating and adding and will be in the middle of a project from time to time(in another part of the house, nothing disturbing your stay). i also like to entertain and you are always invited if i do, so the backyard is always ready for a bbq or some other gathering and YOU, please feel free to use it to have coffee, meals or exercise. Enjoy the serene backyard while you explore my vegetable and flower garden! we compost please feel free to contribute! At the same time, I work a lot and am private and look to give you as much space and peace as possible. i want to solve problems right away so please do not hesitate to knock on the door, phone, text email with questions or concerns as i work from home or from a studio nearby. This is my third year hosting and i am happy to say that when the universe allows i have shared many special moments with my guests. Do not hesitate to join the party or reach out with questions, concerns or invitations. Hope to meet your soon!

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