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HEY!! You champs out there!! I am a very contented divorced ladie, indipendant, outgoing, energetic, social. My motto in Life is; live life today, like there is no tomorrow. Having you as my guests would be a fabulous adventure. Come on girls or boys!!! If you do not have a ride, we have one readily available to take you places. If you are adventurous, we have lots of places you wish to see. One of the most popular places are Soweto, historical places like Gold Reef city, apartheid museums, Sandton City etc. We are close to all the stadiums, major malls, shopping centres, within walking distance of shops, videotowns, internet cafe's, restuarants, public transport are a few meters away from the house. We are definately excited to share our world with you!! I'm sure you are too!!!! PLEASE NOTE THAT TRANSPORTATION FEES TO WHATEVER DESTINATION ARE NEGOTIABLE.