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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Halle an der Saale
Alter 33 Jahre

Über Mara

IO SONO MIA! Mara LIKES: - realizig she's just pronounced something in a foreign language exactly like a native speaker; - emptying messy boxes and bags and tidy them up; - a snowy landscape; - finding something creative to give her friends as Christmas presents; - having a walk in the nature with her friends; - joking all the time; - when the screen in the cinema widens out just before the film starts. Mara DOESN'T LIKE: - forgetting her nail clippers when travelling and consequently having to bear long nails for days; - when it's raining cats and dogs and she can't use her umbrella cause the wind keeps turning it over; - when she's stuck at home cause it's snowing; - when people are aggressive without a reason; - when someone doesn't accept a joke.

Bewertungen für den Gast Mara

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    Leonard 5.0 11.07.2011

    Super nett und alles Top. Solche Gäste wünscht man sich :)

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