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Über Marcel

Hi, I am 26yo German living in Paris. I like people enjoying life, keep calm is my philosophy.

Bewertungen für den Gast Marcel

  • Oliver 5.0 18.12.2012

    Marcel is a very friendly and extra kind person. So if he requests your place, I strongly recommend him as a great guest!

  • Elaine 5.0 30.05.2012

    Marcel and Diana were ideal guests and a lot fun to be around.

    They were very appreciative and respectful, and clean.

    I sense they were expecting very basic accommodation, and were genuinely surprised to find a modern room and lovely breakfast every morning, and were pleasantly surprised to find a completely different side of Mallorca that they previously didn't know existed.

    We had a great time with Marcel and Diana, and welcome them back to Sa Cabana Vella anytime.

    I'd recommend these two to anyone! Great guests, and fun friends, too!

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