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Stadt Bratislava
Alter 25 Jahre
Beruf Student

Über Lívia

Hello everyone, I am a student currently living,studying and working in Bratislava. Personally, I love this city and if you have never been here, you should visit it and then you will understand the reason why I love this city so much :-) I enjoy travelling ( I travel since my 3 years ), so I visited many countries like Italy,Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia...but my dream is Australia. Other interests are cooking - I love cooking especially for my boyfriend Joseph :-) But if you visit us, you will taste our slovak speciality ´´ bryndzové halušky ´´. Tourists love this food, becasue it´s something new for them, and on the other hand it tastes really good so come and taste it, you will be impressed. My other activities are reading,doing sport- running and roller skating (that´s mine), i love animals , nature and stuff like that. If you have questions about whatever,please ask me and I will answer you as fast as it will be possible and if you choose our beautiful apartment, we will be happy cause we like to know new people, nationality, culture...everything. So I hope to see you soon !