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Über Luca

My name is Luca, I am a “traveler” and I’m in love with vintage: because of this I wanted my house to represent me, with furnishing and decorations witnessing my past and present. My working JukeBox, straight from the Sixties, Hollywood-style lamps and all the furniture that I chose during my trips around the World are a direct part of this. And also, my house is just in the very middle of Florence’ City Center: this is the wonderful union between this city’s eternal heritage and my passions, that pushed me to visit and get to know the “outside world”. I love Florence and its history, I really do: my love made me try to learn and discover many of this city’s secrets, rumors and stories, that you won’t find in books. I will tell you some, if we get to meet each other. Can’t wait to share this all.

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