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Über Karim

My spirit has always been nomad; even my addictions have always changed. I am self-educated, independent and anti materialistic with an overdeveloped spirit of equality. I seize the present moment and try to always listen to my mind and dreams. Born and brought up in the fairyland of Hunza valley, i have a passion for exploration of exquisite and mesmerising beauty of nature. The natural beauty of my surrounding environ has always been appealing for me like a passion filled seductive beloved that persuaded and paved path for my entry into the dazzling and adventurous profession of tourism that spans over a period of 18 years making a quarter of my life till the present. After gaining experience of nature-trotting at various tourism companies, i established my own tourism company with the name of Hunza Holidays Plus Trekking and Tours Pakistan which is smoothly sailing towards the destination of success. Although my shoulders were too tender to bear the burden of a huge company but i navigated successfully through the Odysseus journey and this strengthened my faith in the notion that 'when you wish to achieve anything from your heart the whole universe conspires you in achieving it"

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