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Über justice

Im a 44yr old male, married with 2 sons, 21yr & 8yr old, im employed as a regional sales manager by a sales and merchandising company based in kempton park, i have a good relations with people from oversesas as my bosses at work are mostly from uk. i am fluent in english an i can speak a little bit of french. i was born in s.a and i travel a lot and therefore know all the routes, highways, places of history like soweto, sterkfontein caves, krugersdorp game reseve and all these places are within a radius of 20km from my house.and we have 3 cars, faily new 2007 models my wife works for first national bank, she also drives, my son works for SABC and he also drives, we are willing to take our guests to all places of interest including stadiums as mentioned above. we are a christian family and we dont mind any religion of our guests.

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