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Über Julia

Welcome to Moscow! I was born in this great city and I love it. I'm a cheerful, easygoing preson and would be glad to share my apartment with you. I enjoy travelling, visiting museums and exhibitons, theatres, listening classic and lounge music. I've been to many interesting places in Russia and all over the world and, if you like, can give you advice on what is worth visiting in Moscow (and Moscow Region) and how to get there. If you stay at my place you don't have to bring any soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, towels and hair dryer which take up a half of your suitcase. You'll be provided with all these necessary things. Please, feel absolutely free to use iron, wash machine, microwave, juice maker and all the other household appliances...and to ask any question or assistance. I’ll be glad to be helpful to you.

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