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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt New York
Beruf Fashion Photographer

Über Joseph

The love of beautiful women is the primary driving force behind New York Fashion Photographer Joseph Chen’s fascinating images. His work is motivated by a woman’s freedom, empowerment, and sexuality. "Originally women inspired my photographic passion and continue to be my primary motivation." declares Joseph Chen. Through his images Joseph loves to tell stories that are inspired by moving pictures, by artworks of the great masters, by people he encounters in his everyday life or just stories born out of his wild imagination and daydreams. “The model needs to inspire me, the first thing I do is to try to fall in love with her. At the very least be infatuated.” says Joseph Chen. “Then the clothes come next, I hate tacky styling or styling like you are putting up a Christmas tree, they have to be elegant and sexy.” he continued.

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